Federated video streaming platform using ActivityPub and P2P in the web browser with Angular. https://joinpeertube.org/
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Fix bull redis options
1 year ago
assets Begin live tests 2 years ago
controllers Fix audio transcoding with video only file 1 year ago
helpers Give the ability to define python path for youtube-dl / yt-dlp 1 year ago
initializers Increase captions max size 1 year ago
lib Fix bull redis options 1 year ago
middlewares Merge branch 'release/4.0.0' into develop 1 year ago
models Update server dependencies 1 year ago
static/dnt-policy advertising PeerTube's rather simple DNT policy 4 years ago
tests Merge branch 'release/4.0.0' into develop 1 year ago
tools Upgrade server tools dependencies 1 year ago
types Fix missing Account.name on getAuthUser return type. 1 year ago
tsconfig.json chore(refactor): remove shared folder dependencies to the server 1 year ago
tsconfig.types.json Move types package in packages/ 1 year ago