Federated video streaming platform using ActivityPub and P2P in the web browser with Angular. https://joinpeertube.org/
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Chocobozzz d15aebf511 Run misc tests in parallel 1 year ago
build Support sq 1 year ago
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dev Support encoding profiles 1 year ago
e2e Fix local e2e tests 1 year ago
i18n Add player mode to player stats 1 year ago
migrations Add moderation helpers to plugins 2 years ago
plugin Update server dependencies 1 year ago
setup Fix tsconfig with CLI tools 2 years ago
benchmark.ts Fix benchmark 1 year ago
ci.sh Run misc tests in parallel 1 year ago
client-build-stats.ts Update stats format 1 year ago
client-report.sh Upgrade to angular 10 2 years ago
create-import-video-file-job.ts Check video UUID in args scripts 1 year ago
create-transcoding-job.ts Check video UUID in args scripts 1 year ago
generate-cli-doc.sh (doc) add manpage to peertube cli 3 years ago
generate-code-contributors.ts Update credits 1 year ago
help.sh Remove scripty 1 year ago
nightly.sh Add ability to build client with source maps 1 year ago
openapi-clients.sh Create template dirs for openapi clients and provide README templates 2 years ago
openapi-peertube-version.sh OpenAPI clients generation 2 years ago
optimize-old-videos.ts Cleanup 1 year ago
parse-log.ts Introduce tags to the logger 1 year ago
print-transcode-command.ts Remove unnecessary transcoding job error 1 year ago
prune-storage.ts Add log to prune storage script 1 year ago
regenerate-thumbnails.ts Add size info in db for actor images 1 year ago
release-embed-api.sh Add embed api build 2 years ago
release.sh Provide sourcemaps in release 1 year ago
reset-password.ts Update server dependencies 1 year ago
test.sh Fix npm run test 1 year ago
update-host.ts Cleanup 1 year ago
upgrade.sh script/upgrade: use db.name config value 1 year ago