Federated video streaming platform using ActivityPub and P2P in the web browser with Angular. https://joinpeertube.org/
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Chocobozzz 3c33d71474
Add "Create client page" plugin doc
5 months ago
doc Add "Create client page" plugin doc 5 months ago
docker Remove unnecessary NPM_RUN_BUILD_OPTS docker arg 5 months ago
freebsd (fix) FreeBSD startup script (#1484) 3 years ago
init.d Add/update OpenRC service script (#2012) 2 years ago
nginx extend client-overrides with default images (#4392) 8 months ago
openapi fix go client library generation 2 years ago
sysctl.d Suggest TCP/IP tuning to prevent buffer bloat + latency (#976) 3 years ago
systemd Standard output type syslog is obsolete in systemed 10 months ago