83 Commits (d29ced1a8582d99b776f664475a157adcf555d98)

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  Chocobozzz 4b91bc1525 Reduce pending job waiting 1 year ago
  Chocobozzz ccda150fc4
Remove roadmap funding 1 year ago
  Chocobozzz 3fbc697433
Add next to stats github ci 1 year ago
  Chocobozzz 2d5a469427
Add next branch to CI 1 year ago
  Chocobozzz 9514bb3bc0
Update benchmark ci action 1 year ago
  Chocobozzz 2abaa3f27e
Add stats to github actions 1 year ago
  Chocobozzz fae6e4da8f Try to speed up server tests 1 year ago
  Chocobozzz 4e9835e632
Fix bundlewatch branch base 1 year ago
  Chocobozzz 5ec8a71f84
Try to display job log in specific stage 1 year ago
  Chocobozzz 0158eeb0c9
Fix ldap test 1 year ago
  Chocobozzz 4f5a90ef5e
Always display errors from tests 1 year ago
  Chocobozzz 34caef7fc0 Add joblog at the end of ci 1 year ago
  Chocobozzz 12554857b4 Display error logs in CI 1 year ago
  Chocobozzz 83ef31fe10 Save logs on ci failure 1 year ago
  kontrollanten 05e85b59c7
contributing documentation: add `parallel` as dependency (#3421) 1 year ago
  Chocobozzz 9e3e4adc65
Add logs to fixture generations 2 years ago
  Chocobozzz 0484ec9e41
Try to fix live tests 2 years ago
  Rigel Kent afff310e50 allow private syndication feeds via a user feedToken 2 years ago
  Frank Sträter b4bc269e55
fix CONTRIBUTING.md command order (#3305) 2 years ago
  Chocobozzz 93ab83893d
Fix npm run test 2 years ago
  Chocobozzz eb77f4ce1d
Simplify a little bit github templates 2 years ago
  Chocobozzz 79389bffd6
Fix deprecated action command 2 years ago
  Chocobozzz c655c9ef6f Update ffmpeg static version for tests 2 years ago
  Rigel Kent a4879b5375
add github PR template and late crowdfunding link 2 years ago
  Rigel Kent 34e2998769
move github issue templates to new standard 2 years ago
  Rigel Kent 7f0d856169 jobs/logs view select and empty state visual improvements 2 years ago
  Chocobozzz 07491f4b98 Add fixtures cache to github actions 2 years ago
  Rigel Kent a3e6d18199
slightly reword CONTRIBUTING doc 2 years ago
  Chocobozzz a3b5e78af3 Analyze embed too with bundlewatch 2 years ago
  Chocobozzz fc3b14e413
Limit github actions on PR 2 years ago
  Chocobozzz d632a14729 Test bundlewatch 2 years ago
  Chocobozzz f9e1ca7087 Execute external tests on schedule 2 years ago
  Chocobozzz f9d2deae3a Correctly test ldap 2 years ago
  Chocobozzz a613eea4c3 DISABLE_HTTP_IMPORT_TESTS on non scheduled tests 2 years ago
  Chocobozzz 12e8547f07 Test ldap 2 years ago
  Chocobozzz 7abb5c5da1 Use parallel to run tests in parallel 2 years ago
  Chocobozzz b488ba1e26 Don't rely on youtube for tests 2 years ago
  Chocobozzz b9fe9a7ffd Add github workflows 2 years ago
  Chocobozzz 17b07dc5a2 Update contributing guide 2 years ago
  Chocobozzz 6676056a31
Add max count information in api doc 2 years ago
  Chocobozzz 0ceadb3578
Use absolute links in contribute guide 2 years ago
  Chocobozzz e5426b3fa4
Update test contributing guide 2 years ago
  Chocobozzz 297e911bdb
Use node 10 in travis 3 years ago
  Chocobozzz bfa1a32b34
Add client hook/register typings 3 years ago
  Nassim Bounouas 50b4dcce56 Fix/connection with email (#1917) 3 years ago
  Jorropo b30acc0e4b Update contributing to use multiple remote. (#1902) 3 years ago
  Chocobozzz d1ab89deb7
Handle email update on server 3 years ago
  Nicolas Fortin 838f4a7983 fix-contributing-documentation-client-side-typo 3 years ago
  buoyantair e6b04e0e79 tell the user to fork the repo (#1856) 3 years ago
  Chocobozzz 46e9407c60
Update URLs to point to new documentation site 3 years ago