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# Changelog

## v5.0.0-rc.1 (not released yet)


* **Important** Private and internal video files are now protected. See [#5370]( for more information, but see below for most important information:
* For private/internal videos on filesystem:
* These videos are now under a `private/` subdirectory in `videos/` and `streaming-playlists/` directories
* Nginx doesn't serve these private files anymore, the requests are forwarded to PeerTube that will check authentication
* For private/internal videos in object storage:
* These videos have now a private ACL
* PeerTube proxifies requests to private object storage (using pre-signed URLs is not possible as explained in [#5370](
* Torrent files and magnet URIs of private/internal videos don't contain a webseed URL anymore since they require authentication
* **Important** You need to manually execute a migration script after your upgrade to migrate private/internal video files:
* Classic installation: `cd /var/www/peertube/peertube-latest && sudo -u peertube NODE_CONFIG_DIR=/var/www/peertube/config NODE_ENV=production node dist/scripts/migrations/peertube-5.0.js`
* Docker installation: `cd /var/www/peertube-docker && docker-compose exec -u peertube peertube node dist/scripts/migrations/peertube-5.0.js`
* There is a new `secrets.peertube` configuration. You must fill it before running PeerTube v5
* You must update your nginx configuration:
* We introduced a new `location` for plugin websocket routes
* We introduced a new `location` for private videos files

### Documentation

* Add [Monitoring/Observability documentation]( using PeerTube OpenTelemetry feature

### Maintenance

* REST API breaking change:
* `role` is now `` and `roleLabel` is `role.label` in user response
* We now store the complete remote video description:
* Deprecate `description` in favour of `truncatedDescription` when listing videos
* Complete description is sent by the server in `description` when getting a specific video
* Deprecate `/api/v1/videos/:id/description` endpoint
* `search.disable_local_search` disables local search in client search bar only and doesn't disable it on server side anymore [#5411](

### Plugins/Themes/Embed API

* Add server plugin hooks (
* `filter:activity-pub.remote-video-comment.create.accept.result`
* Add server plugin helpers
* `socket.sendNotification` and `socket.sendVideoLiveNewState` [#5239](
* Add ability for plugins to register a websocket route using `registerWebSocketRoute`
* Add client plugin hooks (
* `filter:internal.player.p2p-media-loader.options.result` [#5318](

### CLI tools

* Add ability to install alpha/beta/rc plugin versions

### Features

* :tada: Support object storage for live streams :tada:
* :tada: Support Two Factor authentication (OTP) :tada:
* UX:
* Add explanation on disk space used for user quota admin config [#5305](
* Display channel in my videos list
* Show which playlists videos are added to in my videos list
* Add *Channels* link in left menu
* Add `...` after the truncated video name in miniature
* Add object storage info badge in videos admin overview
* Add links to video files in videos admin overview
* Better indicate the live ended in embed by displaying a message and the live preview
* Force live autoplay by muting the video if necessary when the user was waiting for the live
* Handle network issues in video player [#5138](
* Cache chunks to upload in server to resume upload later [#5224](
* Add ability to serve custom static files under `/.well-known` URL path [#5214](
* Use account/channel avatar in account/channel RSS feeds [#5325](
* Add filter to sort videos by name [#5351](
* Add ability to configure OpenTelemetry Prometheus exporter listening hostname

### Bug fixes

* Hide all user email block if we can't change it (remote auth for example)
* Display an error if trying to reset password of user configured to use a remote authentication
* Fix peers info width in live
* Fix video job error when video has been deleted
* Fix user channels list with increased max counter
* More robust channel/playlist import/sync
* Hide useless *Wait Transcoding* input for lives
* Fix responsive in account channels list
* Fix slow page response when listing many videos
* Reload data when deleting a blocked video
* Prevent error with metrics in HTTP player if no P2P info is available
* Fix playlist overflow in account channels page
* Fix invalid date display for jobs
* Fix conflict with player hotkeys and `alt + number` web browser hotkey
* Fix horizontal overflow on rtl languages
* Fix actor follow constraint error on remote videos when *Allow users to do remote URI/handle search* is disabled
* Fix running again transcoding on a video that doesn't contain audio or on a video that doesn't contain video
* Fix re-transcoding of video with odd resolution
* Fix embed API with playlists
* Fix not working P2P with permanent live
* Fix following/fetching remote Pleroma actor
* Prevent high Redis memory usage when having many jobs
* Fix overall viewers stats with start/end dates

## v4.3.1


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// TODO: remove, deprecated in 5.0 now we send the complete description in VideoDetails
openapiOperationDoc({ operationId: 'getVideoDesc' }),