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# Changelog

## v5.2.0 (not yet released)


* **Important** Remove NodeJS 14 support
* **Important** You must update your nginx configuration to support remote runners:
* Add `storage.tmp_persistent` directory in configuration file. **You must configure it in your production.yaml**:
* PeerTube requires **Docker Compose >= v2** for Docker compose installation

### Maintenance

* Remove `npm run create-transcoding-job` and `npm run print-transcode-command` unmaintained scripts
* Add Redis sentinel support [#5593](
* Improve upgrade script (used when you will upgrade from PeerTube 5.2 to its next version) for classic installation:
* Automatically generate a `config/` file after the upgrade, which is the fusion between the new PeerTube configuration keys and your current `production.yaml`. After a review you can replace your old `config/production.yaml` with this new file so you don't have to add new keys manually
* Add `ls` option compatibility with FreeBSD [#5785](

### Docker

* Make database name configurable using env variable [#5734](

### Plugins/Themes/Embed API

* Add `filter:html.client.json-ld.result` hook

### Features

* :tada: Implement remote transcoding for VOD videos, Live streams and Studio editions :tada: [#5769](
* If enabled, remote PeerTube runners can process these high CPU jobs
* Admin documentation:
* PeerTube runner CLI documentation:
* Demonstration video:
* Architecture documentation:
* Add Podcast RSS feed support: [#5487](
* Add ability to set custom privacy for live replays [#5692](
* Render images of markdown fields in *About* page [#5732](
* Admin can disable user video history by default [#5728](
* Improve global accessibility

### Bug fixes

* Fix live stream object storage sync resulting in broken playback on iOS after a few minutes
* Correctly proxify HTTP 206 content-range header from object storage [#5703](
* Filter out already watched videos from recommended videos [#5739](
* Prevent exception when HTTP headers are already sent
* Fix remote instance following/followers links in about page
* Prevent error when updating a running live stream if the privacy hasn't changed
* Prevent crash on plugin websocket error
* Don't call `register`/`unregister` plugin API when installing/uninstalling plugins using `script/plugin` scripts (offline mode)
* Fix error on missing plugin CSS file at PeerTube startup [#5746](
* Prevent "invalid end watch section" server log warnings
* Support remote subscribe with a handle starting with a `@` character
* Actor preferred username (account/channel handle) is now case insensitive
* Fix RTL layout inconsistencies
* Prevent user video notification when the subscription is still in *Pending* state
* Correctly remove *Pending* subscription

## v5.1.0